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Come celebrate WSOD's 23 years of Dancing and serving the Westfield area!
Classes begin September 14th!
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"My daughter, Kaila, has attended WSOD since its inception in 1997. It has been a great privilege to be part of a school where all the instructors are very caring and extremely dedicated to their students. Joanne Carey’s devotion to the art of dance has made the school a huge success and all the students adore her. Her commitment to the community is commendable and is evident through fundraising, offering a work study program and just this year introducing a “Little Stars” program for disabled children. The recitals are comparable to a professional production and leaves the audience feeling very proud to witness the cultivation of the dancers’ skills year after year. WSOD is a very special place and we are so happy to be a part of it." - Diane Starita

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Westfield School of Dance reopening plans amidst COVID-19
We have been busy cleaning and prepping the studio to welcome you back!  We can't wait to see you!

Westfield School of Dance takes seriously your health and safety.  We want to continue to provide a place where you can feel confident bringing your child to dance.  In order to make our studio consistent with guidelines set forth by the Governor of NJ we have relied on and taken the recommendations provided by the CDC and the office of Governor of NJ . We will continue to re-evaluate and monitor the situation.
The Studio has undergone a recommended professional 3 part disinfection/protection process.
    A- Step 1:  A deep cleaning of every surface, every room and every touch point.
    B- Step 2: Stairwell carpet received a professional deep cleaning.
    C -Step 3:  A disinfection process has been applied by using an antimicrobial coating to surfaces to inhibit viruses and dirt from penetrating and/or living on a surface to be used in conjunction with current enhanced WSOD cleaning protocol.
Periodically throughout the year if needed the company returns to do maintenance service. 
    D-  Set up Hand Sanitizer station. 
**However , in addition we strongly urge and recommend that your dancer carry their own hand sanitizer and/or hand wipes, that they do not share,  inside their dance bag along with a ziploc bag, so that if using their own wipes they can put them inside their Ziploc bag, seal it and to be disposed of properly.  
  E- Studio Rooms set up to maintain 6 Feet Social Distance
Pending Mid/Late August:
Plexiglass Barrier installed for our front counter.
*Remote access set up.
*Hybrid Implementation
    * A NOTE on Remote and Hybrid Learning Implementation.  
    Under current recommended guidelines, dance studios may operate at 25% capacity in each room, maintaining 6 feet social distance guidelines with the wearing masks mandatory.

    If restrictions are not lifted and a particular class's registration reaches its' 25% capacity, then that particular class would operate on a HYBRID Model or in the event that the Governor requires Hybrid Instruction of dance studios. Currently, a Hybrid Model is not required it is recommended on an as needed basis.
    We are also planning, if needed, to be able to switch to remote access in the event a Stay at Home Order goes into effect. 
    We are also planning remote access for those who may not feel comfortable in person just yet.
Dance Wear Boutique:
Given the current situation WSOD will only offer an online boutique option for dance wear where you will be given the link to access and purchase your dance wear for WSOD class dress code .  
As of June 30, 2020 WSOD began providing  online registration through the Parent Portal and website in keeping with the Governor's suggested touch less service and handsfree payment services where possible.
Westfield School of Dance is happy to continue offering our 5% savings for Tuition Paid in Full and our 5% savings on each additional class that a student takes.

Credit Card Payment Option:  

WSOD is offering a touch less CC payment option,  again in keeping with the Governor's suggested touch less/handsfree payment service where possible.

Why We’re Different

At the Westfield School of Dance we do what we love and love what we do - and it shows! We are very proud of our reputation as a leader in dance education and stand by our commitment to excellence for your child’s dance education. We want you to have every opportunity to register for class so please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. We are currently accepting registration for the dance season.Thank you for celebrating dance with us and allowing us to provide quality dance education in the Westfield area year after year and hope that you join us for an amazing year of dance!

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