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"My daughter, Kaila, has attended WSOD since its inception in 1997. It has been a great privilege to be part of a school where all the instructors are very caring and extremely dedicated to their students. Joanne Carey’s devotion to the art of dance has made the school a huge success and all the students adore her. Her commitment to the community is commendable and is evident through fundraising, offering a work study program and just this year introducing a “Little Stars” program for disabled children. The recitals are comparable to a professional production and leaves the audience feeling very proud to witness the cultivation of the dancers’ skills year after year. WSOD is a very special place and we are so happy to be a part of it." - Diane Starita

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· More than just words · More than just steps · Integrity in Motion

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At Westfield School of Dance we work as a small, tightly knit team of talented people who have the courage to follow their dreams. We share the dream of inspiring our WSOD dancers and their families to discover the magnificent beauty, artistry and power of dance and its amazing ability for artistic story-telling. We also share that same dream for you, the artist, to rediscover and to share that very same passion for the beauty and the power of dance you discovered as a student, being challenged to grow in new and inventive ways now as a teacher.

Are you interested in bringing your talents, your dreams, your passion and love of dance to the table? As artists, we all know first hand the beauty of people being enriched and transformed through dance; giving passion and purpose to life. At WSOD we teach that as a reality; a renewed vitality in sharing the art form, its passion and its purpose and of seeing it through. We know what really matters, so we keep that at the forefront in the studio and in the community we serve by what we are doing in our classrooms, on our team and on our stage.



WSOD team members care about the future of WSOD, and are willing to invest discretionary effort in the success of the WSOD mission.

As a team member you must bring with you an attitude-of-gratitude and exhibit a willingness to work side-by-side encouraging and inspiring each other. The reality is that your passion and creativity as an artist becomes woven with the philosophy of WSOD, influencing our students so together we create a future of growth. At WSOD, we look for high-energy performers with a sense of can-do grit and perseverance and a kindness and integrity that reaches across everything we do.

The WSOD vision is too important for anything less.


Our standout benefit—other than working with an extraordinary team of hard–working, resilient and fun people- is intimacy with artistry and engaging collaboration. We foster an environment in which your work, together and supported by each other, can more readily be transformed into the profound learning experience and expressive vehicle that art is. We encourage one another to transform our ordinary dance activities of the classroom into the long term, long lasting victories that only dance can achieve. We live a life of balancing bodies in the midst of unbalanced circumstances.

More than just words More than just steps Integrity in Motion

Mission Statement

Our goal at Westfield School of Dance is to create on all levels and in all aspects of dance. To succeed at doing it. To welcome and encourage each and every child who walks through our doors, teaching them grace, confidence and beauty and giving each one the tools to thrive in all they do. Always remembering to dance with all your heart! Westfield School of Dance is More than just words, more then just steps, we are integrity in motion.


  • Respect our customers, respect our team, respect our students, and respect our environment.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
  • Judgment free zone.
  • Treat everyone like they can learn to dance.
  • Kindness & love in ALL things.
  • Nurture, encourage, and develop the imagination creativity & self-expression.
  • Teach the artistry of dance while honoring tradition and embracing the future.
  • Creating dreamers & leaders of tomorrow.
  • Creating a space of self-confidence.
  • Creating a space of welcome.
  • Be good listeners.
  • Be willing to take advice and improve.

Interested candidates should please email a cover letter, picture, resume and supporting reel to westfieldschoolofdance@yahoo.com

Why We’re Different

At the Westfield School of Dance we do what we love and love what we do - and it shows! We are very proud of our reputation as a leader in dance education and stand by our commitment to excellence for your child’s dance education. We want you to have every opportunity to register for class so please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. We are currently accepting registration for the dance season.Thank you for celebrating dance with us and allowing us to provide quality dance education in the Westfield area year after year and hope that you join us for an amazing year of dance!

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